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What organic food and language learning have in common


(a.k.a My Philosophy)

It’s Alive

Language is a living thing that can’t be condensed into just one book or course. While it’s useful to understand grammatical structures, a lot of things in a language are just the way they are and become internalized in us through a lot of contact and use. By interacting with language in its various forms, you can absorb grammar and vocabulary in a natural, organic, way.

Make It Fun

Eating healthy isn’t just about eating salads and similarly, using a particular method or application is not a condition to mastering a foreign language. We all have to find our own way instead of relying on universal standards – podcasts work for some, well-chosen texts for others, finding a good conversation partner for still others.

Information Overload

Social media is oversaturated with nutrition and fitness experts, and it’s no different with language learning. It’s not easy for a determined student, what with thousands of must-have books and courses, this or that “tried-and-tested” YouTube channel, and an endless supply of TikToks with 10 useful slang terms. An experienced teacher should be able to help you pick what’s most relevant for you from the sea of content.

Knowing ≠ Implementing

You don’t go to a dietician just because she knows her way around the food market, and you don’t seek out a trainer solely for their diplomas and certificates either. The word “teacher” sometimes evokes the image of a person with absolute knowledge, which he seeks to impart to the student bit by bit. However, 1:1 language lessons encompass much more than that – you can’t ignore factors such as your motivation and habits, your beliefs about the language and/or your relation to it, as well as any ongoing reflection.


If you opt for organic food over the conventional, you expect quality and benefits corresponding to the price. In private lessons, these benefits lie mainly in having the space to interact, independence from other course participants, and adjusting the content of the lessons to make them as effective as possible for the student.

Realistic View

You probably wouldn’t expect miracles from a 5€ bottle of olive oil, and in the same way, it’s good to stay realistic in regards to time expectations when learning a language. A tutor, however good they may be, cannot promise you the world with only one lesson per week.

If you are ambitious, I’d be happy to help you set up your classes and the work outside of them so that you can reach your goals quickly yet sustainably. However, even if you are not striving for the stars, we can still make an effective and enjoyable lesson plan for you, as long as you are accepting of the fact that it will take you longer to get there.

Do these principles resonate with you, but you are not a student? Even better!

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About me

Student & Freelance Language Teacher
I was lucky enough to grow up with beautiful Slovak as my native language. But, even as a teenager with big dreams, it was clear to me that I wouldn’t get very far in the wider world speaking only Slovak, so I hunkered down and worked on my English first. I successfully completed the International Baccalaureate programme in English, but as my choice of university landed in Austria, German became more important.

Even before moving to Vienna, I attained my Goethe C1 certificate and now German is the language of my studies and everyday life. As if that weren’t enough, I also learned Spanish (DELE C1) in my spare time, which, in turn, opened up a whole new range of possibilities in my personal life.

However, my path was not linear – it included voluntarily moving to more advanced courses, embarrassing conversation moments with native speakers, and hours spent watching tv series, some better than others. If you, too, are interested in having a new language enrich your life, I would be happy to work together to find what specifically works for you while moving towards mastery.

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What my students are saying

Simona, learning Spanish

Filip is one of the very few teachers who was able to quickly adapt very well to my pace of study. His lessons are fun, he works with multiple teaching modalities, and we don’t just stick to the typical textbooks and workbooks from a school environment. The only prejudice I had in the beginning was his age, but after the first lesson I understood that his approach was more motivated and serious than teachers a generation his senior.

Nika, learning German

Thanks to Filip’s German tutoring, I went from A1 to B2 in a year and a half. In the beginning I went to a language school, which was a complete waste of time, and personal tutoring with Filip was the best decision I could have made. I decided to learn German because I wanted to work as a doctor in Germany and I can confirm that the lessons with Filip prepared me well for this goal.

Alberto, learning Slovak

I wanted to study a Slavic language without dying in the attempt. I have little free time and for me it is important to feel that I am not wasting it. With Filip I have made very fast progress because his methodology is not the typical one of going over something 20 times, but instead goes straight to the point.

Silvia, learning Slovak

My twin boys have had a lot of teachers, but it was only with Filip that we were happy to stick with one. I dare to write that he is better than a professional teacher. He can explain the material very clearly and knows what today’s youth needs. I recommend Filip with no hesitation as a top teacher.

Attila, learning German

I had been taking German on and off since high school but without a significant shift until I came across Filip. The lessons were very fun, stress-free, and in addition to the professional approach, I’m finally slowly getting rid of my anxiety about speaking German.

Sara, learning Slovak

What makes you hooked in Filip’s classes is his attitude – he is very approachable and fun, so it is impossible to get bored during the class. This does not mean that we do not learn or that he is not serious – quite the opposite, as, when you are comfortable and calm, you learn much more. In addition, the classes are very interesting because we talk about current topics and he always brings cultural insights that complement the language.

Ema, learning German

German lessons at the B2 level with Filip helped me to overcome my insecurities with regards to speaking German and also to consolidate and improve my grammar.We always talk about relevant topics, and Filip sets up the lessons in such a way that I never feel like I have to force myself to talk about something just to speak German, but the conversation is conducted very naturally and you learn a lot at the same time.

What my teachers are saying

I can only imagine what a great teacher you are as you are such a diligent student. I love your dedication to learning the language in all of its many intricacies and appreciate your direct and to-the-point attitude. I am always impressed by the amount of preparation you put into your language lessons and I am always inspired to do more for my own students.


New Jersey

I only have a few students who are as motivated and interested as you are!



It’s always fun to talk to you about such challenging and specific topics. Thanks for the German tips and for giving me the opportunity to learn even more about my own language!


Buenos Aires